The basic Differences between pipe flow and open channel Flow  are given below

Pipe Flow :


Open Channel Flow :

1Flow occurs due to gravity .Flow occurs due to different in pressure .
2The maximum velocity occurs at a little distance below the water surface.The maximum velocity occur at the center of the pipe .
3.Cross section of open channel can be trapezoidal, triangular,rectangular ,circular etc.Cross section of pipe generally round .
4.HGL(Hydralic Gradient Line ) coincide with water surface line.HGL(Hydralic Gradient Line ) do not coincide top surface of the water

I just add four basic difference between pipe flow and open channel flow here . If you want to add some please ,post your comment below .

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  1. Umair Ahmed Jan Reply

    how will be the diagrams of velocity profile for both open and close channels?

  2. vijay kumar chaudhary Reply

    which flow i will be say when pipe is not completely fill the cross section of pipe

    • Thanks for your comment. Flowing through pipe is always pipe flow .

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