Basic Difference between WSD and USD Method of Reinforced Concrete

Hello Everyone,Thank for your interest to read my article .Today I will share some Basic Differences of WSD(Working Stress Design )  Method and USD (Ultimate Stress Design)  Method of reinforced Concrete.

At First we need to know What is Exactly WSD and USD Method in reinforced Concrete  ?

You got the Basic Definition of Working Stress Design and Ultimate Stress Design and their Assumptions in my another articles .

WSD(Working Stress Design ) Definition and Assumption   and USD (Ultimate Stress Design)Defination and Assumption


The Difference between Working Stress Design and Ultimate Stress Design  method of Reinforced Concrete Are ,,

USD(Ultimate Stress Design)  MethodWSD(Working Stress Design) Method
Its primarily based on strength concept of ConcreteIts based on the linear theory or elastic theory .
Its Consider to Design  Critical Combination of load Its Consider to Design  carrying load
Its Designing to elastic behavior of materials . Its Designing to plastic behavior of materials
Materials strength to be used for member Design . Modular Ratio used for member Design
Stability of Structure is more then WSDStability of Structure is less then USD
Low Cost Design MethodHigh Cost Design Method


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The basic Differences between pipe flow and open channel Flow  are given below

Pipe Flow :


Open Channel Flow :

1Flow occurs due to gravity .Flow occurs due to different in pressure .
2The maximum velocity occurs at a little distance below the water surface.The maximum velocity occur at the center of the pipe .
3.Cross section of open channel can be trapezoidal, triangular,rectangular ,circular etc.Cross section of pipe generally round .
4.HGL(Hydralic Gradient Line ) coincide with water surface line.HGL(Hydralic Gradient Line ) do not coincide top surface of the water

I just add four basic difference between pipe flow and open channel flow here . If you want to add some please ,post your comment below .

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