Basic Of Civil Engineering

What is Civil Engineering and How to become a Civil Engineer


What is Civil engineer?

A civil engineer is a trained and qualified person in the area of civil engineering. Civil engineering involves planning, design and maintenance of infrastructures such as roads, canals, bridges, airports, dams and buildings as well as protecting the environment and public health. To become a civil engineer, you need to be a registered member of a relevant civil engineers board. The general requirement is a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering for entry level. However, to be registered as a qualified engineer, some experience as a practicing civil engineer is necessary.

An overview of civil engineering areas of study and become a Civil Engineer

To understand more what civil engineer is, you need to have a general knowledge of the areas of study involved. The area:

  • Engineering mechanics: includes static and dynamics, study of Newton’s laws of motion, resolution of forces and concepts of momentum.
  • Engineering mathematics: includes algebra, calculus, differential equations, partial differential equations and numerical methods both pure and applied.
  • Engineering Drawing and Design: includes orthographic projections, generation of isometric views, building and construction design, use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and analysis of designs.
  • Solids and structural mechanics: involves stress and strain analysis, theory of torsion, forces on loaded beams, deflections, thermal stresses and experimental stress analysis.
  • Geology, soil mechanics, Planning and architecture: involves the study of rocks and soils, town planning and leaning of various architectural principles.
  • Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and hydraulics: study of basic laws of thermodynamics, fluid flows in open tunnels and pipes and hydraulic power principles.
  • Other areas include basic mechanical and electrical engineering principles, computer programming, surveying, engineering economics and communication skills.


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