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Here we present all of our terms and condition .Every user and Engineer(Author) Must Follow Our rules

Rules For Visitors

>Don’t try to Copy Our content for Use to your site ( our site is connect with Copy-escape Api ).So if you copy then penalized By google Search team.

>We just collect your Email if you subscribe otherwise We don’t collect any personal information from You.

>Every Visitors are able to write or Research in our site .

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Rules for Research Engineer (author)

Our research Engineer(Author is special member of our site .But prevent spamming ,we make some rule for our all author .You can see the benefit of being a research engineer (Author) Here >> Be A Research Engineer )

If you want to be our proud member then must follow these rules

>Don’t Copy and paste Others website content .After Your submission, we will check every content ! it is duplicate or not ! Please be creative,Just Write what you know about your selected topics .If You copy and paste others content then tell me what is the benefit of your research .So You should write article on your own way (on your modification of topics ) .That help not also become a perfect Engineer but also help you a lots to gain knowledge of Civil Engineering .

>You are not permit to post your own website link until you upgrade in Fresh Engineer to Junior Engineer

>You should reply if someone post comment on your post .That helps develop your knowledge about that your topic .

>Don’t write any topic that is not related with Civil Engineering .

>If you have any question just contact us .


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