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Thanks for your interest to be a Research Engineer (Author ) on probably think ,what is the benefit of online research or Blogging and why should I research on this website . I think you know that If you want to be a perfect Civil Engineer ,then You need to know the details and clear concept of every topics of Civil Engineering .And Only research can help you to get clear concept of every topic .Also research help you to develop your skill .

Some benefit of being a Research Engineer

>You can share your knowledge in worldwide

>Be more clear about your topics

>You can face any job interview and Competitive exam easily .

>You can enhance your performance

>Research always helps to get scholarship for higher education

And lot of improvement that you can’t imagine.


Why should you research

I think you almost know that is a Civil Engineers community and research website .Here you get the opportunity to meet many expert Civil Engineers . Here you can share your knowledge to help other civil Engineers . We have active team to optimize your content after you submit.You need to just write  the content ,our team will do all for you! ( SEO,add Relative image ,Make backlink,Social share etc).

We also arrange different types of gift (t-shirt, Different gift card ,Money etc) it available from Junior Engineer .

Ok ! let’s talk about our membership system (all free)

Our Research Engineers are divided into three stage.

  1. Fresh Engineer: After sign up ,You will be a Fresh Engineer .You need to publish 10 research or Content to upgrade into Junior Engineer .
  2. Junior Engineer : When you have more than 10 post then you automatically upgrade to Junior Engineer .In this stage, You are able to get gifts from us. when your content or research will be more than 19 then you automatically upgrade into Senior Engineer .
  3. Senior Engineer : In this stage you got more access and more valuable Gift and also get the highest honor of howtocivil. You can edit your post anytime, post with your backlink as you want ,can add a category ,can approve comment ,can able to add user etc .

Before sign up you must see our terms and conditions.

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